Wednesday, July 3, 2013

ParaSail web site now available

We now have a (non-blog) web site for ParaSail:

We will use this in the future as the official starting point for reaching resources for ParaSail, and in particular, getting to the latest documentation and downloads.  We will also be creating some examples, and ideally an online Read-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL) for trying your own examples.  If you have questions or comments about this new website, the Google Group for ParaSail is the best place to post those comments/questions:


  1. Congrats with the release! I've tried to get a simple "hello world" working but I get the following error:

    hello.psi:1:22: Error: Type IO is not visible:
    hello.psi:1:22: Error: IO does not specify a type:
    hello.psi:2:5: Error: Type of object not defined:
    hello.psi:2:8: Error: use of IO.Println not resolved:

    Source code I've used:
    func Hello_World(var IO) is
    IO.Println("Hello, World");
    end func Hello_World;

    Command I've used: pslc_windows_st.exe hello.psi

    I'm using Windows7 64-bit.

    1. You always need to provide the file "aaa.psi" first in the list of files. Hence:

        pslc_windows_st.exe aaa.psi hello.psl

      Hopefully that will get you started.


    2. Sorry not to respond earlier. The current read-eval-print interpreter doesn't support the use of the IO module. Instead, just write:
       func Hello_World() is
         Println("Hello, World");
       end func Hello_World;