Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Release 7.0 of ParaSail interpreter, VM, and compiler -- sources plus linux/mac binaries

We have just made a release of the ParaSail interpreter, VM, llvm-based compiler, and ParaScope static analysis tool (aka "static catcher of programming errors").  This is version 7.0.  It includes a nearly complete re-write of the llvm-based compiler.  After attempting other approaches, we finally went back to the ParaSail front end and had it annotate every PSVM instruction with a set of virtual register numbers in addition to a stack offset for local variables.  This allows the backend to generate much better LLVM (and eventually will also simplify the job of doing more advanced static analysis).  The compiler also automatically inlines small routines, including routines from the ParaSail standard library, so function call overhead in the presence of layers of abstraction can be much reduced.

This release is the first in a while to include binaries, though it only includes binaries for Mac and Linux (Windows is being difficult ... ;-{).  The release is at:

If you have any problems, please report them on the ParaSail google group:!forum/parasail-programming-language