Friday, March 9, 2012

Rev 2.1 of alpha release 0.5 now available

Revision 2.1 of the alpha 0.5 release of the ParaSail prototype compiler and virtual machine is now available:

This includes a new set of modules for supporting Matrix/Vector arithmetic, and more robust support for combining inheritance, type inference, and "generic" operations.  This allows the interfaces Col_Vec and Row_Vec to be extensions of the interface Matrix, with a generic "*" operator that can combine a Matrix and a Col_Vec to produce another Matrix, or a Col_Vec and a Matrix to produce a Row_Vec.  Similarly a Transpose operation can convert a Col_Vec into a Row_Vec, or one kind of Matrix into another.  See the "mat_vec.psi" and "mat_vec.psl" files in the "example" subdirectory for illustrations of this.

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